Most people visiting Atiu stay for two or three night and wish they stayed for more. Although Atiu has many activities to do, it is also a very relaxing island. This is mainly due to the slow pace of life and the friendly and personal nature of the local people. If you think Rarotonga is non-commercialized and relaxing, take thirty to fifty years off and you might get Atiu. Atiu has many adventurous and relaxing activities:

  • Beaches - Atiu has about 28 pockets of coral sand beaches. Some are almost inaccessible and very secluded. Other can be reached easily, but all are seldom visited. You'd be unlucky to share a beach with someone else.
  • Birds - Atius ancient name is "Enuamanu", which translate to "Island of Birds". Atiu has many bird including the Kopeka, a swiftlet that lives in caves, the Kakerori, which was introduced to Atiu to help save the Rarotongan bird from extinction and the Rimatara Lorikeet an endangered bird from French Polynesia reintroduced to Atiu in April 2007.
  • Caves - Atiu is surrounded by an ancient uplifted reef which is riddled with water caves, burial caves, bird caves, and unexplored caves. The caves is a popular activity amoungst visitors.
  • Coffee - All coffee on Atiu is grown organically. The Arabica beans are fermented, sundried, roasted and packaged on the island. Coffee tours are available.
  • Crafts - See the "Crafts" page for the variety of crafts available on Atiu.
  • Diving - Stll largely unexplored Atiu offers the chance to explore unknown underwater features, both at sea and underground.
  • Fish and Fishing - Fish the lagoon like a local or go deep sea fishing for wahoo, tuna and mahimahi.
  • Takutea Island - Takutea is a small island 20km away fromAtiu.It is covered with a large variety of sea bird.
  • Tours - Atiu offers many tours. Popular ones include the cave tours, bird and eco tours, coffee tours, historical tour, and visiting the tumnunu. For a full description see the "Tours" page.
  • Walking Trails - There are many walking trails on Atiu.  Some are marked, some overgrown. Check with a local.
  • Tumunu - The famous bush beer school. This is a fun and exciting experience.