There are a few books written about Atiu, its culture, its people, its legends, its geology and its history.

Atiu An Island Community. This book written in 1983 by selected authors living on Atiu, captures the unwritten culture of the island as it was remembered by the islands oldest citizens. 207 pages. Published by the University of the South Pacific, Fiji. Source or Atiu Villas.

Ana Takitaki a tale of Atiu. The legend about the cave of the Kopeka, Anatakitaki. Written to poetry by William McBirney 1871-1956. 30 pages. Source or from Atiu Villas.

Atiu Nui Maruarua. Atiu legends in English and vernacular. Published by University of South Pacific 1984. 69 pages. Download a 773 kilobyte PDF copy of this book.

Atiu through European Eyes; A selection of historical documents 1777 1967. Published by the University of the South Pacific, Fiji. Download a 10.3 Megabyte PDF copy of this book.

Atiu Island Council Minutes 1942 to 1956 a historical document. Download the 29 Megabyte copy.

Atiu Journal. The weekly newspaper of Atiu 1987 to 1988. Download a 10 MByte copy of the first issue to go on sale. Download the second issue. Link here to download any of the 40 issues in English and link here for any of the 5 stand alone issues of the Tianara Atiu in Maori.

Prehistory of the Southern Cook Islands. Roger Duff, Canterbury Museum, New Zealand, bulletin number 9.

Geology of Rarotonga and Atiu. P. Marshall, Bishop Museum Bulletin 72, Honolulu, Hawaii.

A Collection of Poems. William McBirney Download a 300 kilobyte PDF copy

Rarotonga and the Cook Islands. Tony Wheeler and Nancy Keller, pages 146-156. A Lonely Planet guide book for the traveler.

Rattus Rattus. William Evaroa, private publication, about 9 pages. A short story of an Atuian's return to his birth island and the rat catching project he became involved in, which was a prelude to the introduction to Atiu of the Rarotongan Flycatcher and rimatara Lorikeet, two endangered birds - Read more.

Tahiti: including the Cook Islands. David Stanley, pages 378-382. A Moon Handbook covering French Polynesia and Easter Island as well as the Cook Islands.

Papa Mike's Cook Island Handbook. Mike Hollywood, A handbook covering the Cook Islands.

Years of the POOH-BAH. Dick Scott, 320 pages, under commission to Cook Island Trading Company, Private Bag, Rarotonga.