Pavilion Bar and tables of Kura's Kitchen  

 The tourist population on Atiu at any time can normally be counted on the fingers of both hands, so it is no surprise that there is not a large number of places to dine. There is no need to cater for hordes of people. In fact there are only two very personal places. There is an evening restaurant at Atiu Villas called Kura's Kitchen Phone 33777 and a cafe called Teranginui Cafe. The cafe serves breakfast and lunches as well, but it pays to Phone 33101 before you go to make a booking or to ensure they are open.


Assistant Chefs Bella Utakea, Ina Matapakia and Managing Chef Kura Malcolm

Kura's Kitchen

provides 2-course evening meals on request from the guests of the Atiu Villas any evening except Sunday evening. It is possible to join the Atiu Villas guests in a meal by booking before 3pm. A two course dinner is provided and meals are served after 7pm. Kura's Pavilion Bar opens at this time.

The Bar is a friendly place to catch up with the other visitors to Atiu and the next days events. Everyone is served at the same time, seated at the long table, unless numbers are so high that a buffet is served.

Drink costs are reasonable at $2.50 for a fruit juice and $4 a beer.  The cost of a two course meal is $30. When you order a meal and you have a particular diet regimen check the evening menu to make sure your meal requirements are met. Kura's Kitchen will also prepare meals to avoid any of your allergies.